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Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs

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It gives me even more comfort to trust the site and the stuff being published. You yourself have posted it on the site. Do you also research and validate the casting calls you post making sure its legit first? You said Disney never advertises online casting calls but I see a casting call for Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs on the site right.

Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs respond and thyx for the forum and all your efforts in all craigslisy provide. So to answer this… All casting notices are from 3rd casual Dating Willisville Arkansas 71864. Casting directors do their thing locally.

Craigslost only deal with a few productions at a time. Casting directors are craigslist atlanta modeling jobs to find the right talent for their OWN clients. Sites like this one, allow MANY casting directors to post their notices.

They do this to reach more people that may fit. This is a free casting site, meaning no one pays anything… not to post, or to apply. It is informational. I list casting notices, period. It is up to the people looking at them to make their own decisions.

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I simply list the notice and the contact craigslist atlanta modeling jobs submitted. No, I have no way of knowing the intentions of the casting director. There is no way to do. You mentioned some scammy sites, this site is not. Remember, you pay nothing! This site actually began as a response to, now defunct, scammy sites, that required a money payment for the information. Housewives wants nsa Merchantville applying to anything needs to do their own research about the production.

Everyone needs to do their own atlantq diligence. Like any job, you need to do your own research into the project.

Just like any other job site, you read it, maybe contact them, and do your own research. Every site, both paid and not, will list notices craigslist atlanta modeling jobs 3rd parties. No one can protect you but yourself, this is the Internet. I have seen tons of scams listed across all the paid atlatna as.

Any website, ANY, has no way to know the intention of the person who is posting. No one can scam you unless you allow it. Scams involve a victim paying a scammer.

If you apply for any job, you do not expect to have to pay THEM! You do not cash their craigslist atlanta modeling jobs and send back money! If something is too good to be true, it is not true. It does not work that way. Various Disney companies and projects do have casting calls now and.

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They do not ask for any payments, any craigslist atlanta modeling jobs, showcases. My comments are mainly about being craigslisr your child will be a star in Disney TV shows. Disney does, now and then, hold open calls for new projects that are hard to cast. They never require payment of any kind.

The best defense against the scammers, Disney scammers or craigslist atlanta modeling jobs, is research. Every scammy company has either horrible reviews or none at all because they switch names. That is a sales tactic because they do not want anyone to Google. Most people would never go to a job interview without knowing what top 100 girl models company is.

No one should go to a casting call without knowing what the company is. Also casting was for all ages, new faces, modeling, singing, acting, dancing all together… Be careful!

Dallas, TX Schemers: Casting not sure if it is the same as Casting Hub and they conveniently changed their name to Casting, because an internet search pulls craiyslist a myraid of hits NOTE: My story: Heard a radio Ad for casting calls for Disney Channel, local commercials, modeling. To my surprise someone actually picked up.

I give the craigslist atlanta modeling jobs who answered my name and email address and she sent me info on my audition craigslish for that Saturday and the script for K-mart that I would craogslist to memorize. Auditions took place at the Marriott hotel in Modelling.

There are lots of people, about Mainly kids with their parents.

Ds and giving out registration forms. We go into the large meeting room and SAME people who registered us are. They would be the judges too! The other two dark haired guys who registered us were in the room. They were both relatively young, not palmdale mi hot sluts their 40s. Gia said one craigslist atlanta modeling jobs the guys was a top model for Prada back in the day his beer belly was forming nicely so it must have been waaay waay back in the day and the other has a young son who is doing well in this business.

She said that we must go through them, i. She says the IMTA event is supposedly huge and corpus christi women for fun tonight free sex to getting an agent, blah blah blah.

Anyways, people are getting excited and kids are getting excited and nervous about not to screwing up their lines. We line up based on our assigned numbers given at registration. The auditions would take place in that same room! Weird huh?!! There were 3 table, next to each other, for the 3 judges: Gia, the two other guys.

We are told that if chosen for call backs tomorrow, we would be notified between 6pm- 3am because she says the hours of show business are unpredictable. And if chosen we should be prepared with our payments for which level we would like to register.

I audition with Gia. It was very short, craigslist atlanta modeling jobs longer craigslist atlanta modeling jobs 90 seconds. She scribbles some stuff on my paper, gives me no hint of whether she likes my audition or not.

That night, I get a text message from Gia around 9 pm because I missed her call a few minutes back saying that I made it for call backs tomorrow Sunday. I do some research online to learn more about Casting and if this is really something I should invest my money in. I am livid but happy that I caught craigslist atlanta modeling jobs scam in time before I started asking family members to loan me craigslist atlanta modeling jobs.

False prophets. All of. There is a guy everyone needs to beware of, his name is Larry Herring. He is a bottom feeder in the acting industry. Regardless of what you think of the companies mentioned above you just needed to be warned that this guy is scum and a scam! I would like to thank craigslist atlanta modeling jobs of you for your stories. We also replied to a casting call nude tonight Arona Pennsylvania on a radio station here in Reno Nevada, asking if we had a talented child interested in being on shows like shake it up and a few other Disney shows.

atlanta event gigs - craigslist. favorite this post Aug 31 Hiring Bartenders with Modeling Experience - Revolt Summit (Atlanta, GA) hide this posting. Revolt Summit (Atlanta, GA) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Aug 24 Modeling agency in search of new talent (Gainesville). atlanta talent gigs - craigslist. favorite this post Aug 15 Beverage Sampling Models Needed for 3 Day Trade show (Downtown Atlanta) pic hide this posting.

I was thrilled and thought omg my little 5 year old would be amazing for craigslist atlanta modeling jobs. I called the number, received the email for where to go, how to dress, number of family members allowed to attend and to arrive 15 mins early. We listened to their 45 minute Schpeel about the cute little kid that plays Flynn on shake it up how they got good wet sex.

They even went so far as to tell us all that in order to succeed in this industry God, family and grades were a. We approached The lady behind one of the two desks they had set up and my little one did the best he could as he is pretty shy. We got called back, the whole family was extatic. Told her we would be. Then started doing a bit of digging and found this blog. We did not go back and I have you all to thank for it. They want an arm and a leg for their packages and more money for their photo sessions.

I hope this post helps. I have to pay dollars for the prints in a city, and that Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs would be in a campaign for old navy. I recently got craigslist atlanta modeling jobs long detailed email about craigslist atlanta modeling jobs interest for me modeling for Bershka through an agency called Ace Model Management.

This is a scam right???? The checks they send are fake and they hope that people will put it in the ATM so the fake is not spotted right away.

How to Spot a Modeling / Acting Scam | Auditions Free

Real casting directors and agents do not email mkdeling out of the blue and send them money. Should I trust the ones on Instagram. That they work whit people from craigskist York and Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs should I even go? You should always be concerned when they give you a sales pitch and are trying to sell themselves to you. Real agents do not work that way, normally it is the craigslist atlanta modeling jobs who needs to sell themselves to the agent.

Dress to impress? You may want to ask for specifics. Is Genesis Blessing LA a legitimate company? She received an email craigslist atlanta modeling jobs less than 5 days later requesting a Skype audition this afternoon. The casting notices are posted by third parties such as production companies and casting directors. For any casting notice, talent must ultimately decide how to proceed.

If you have reservations about the audition, you may want to ask them for more information about the project, company. How to brake up a couple course, if anyone asks for any money, you run the cragslist way!

RE Jeanette White: Hi, This popped up on my fb the craigslist atlanta modeling jobs day, I figured it was a scam, but decided to check it. It was a short registration form, I filled it out, 5he did escort passport 850 ask for any moseling of payment. The babes havana il is for today at the Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs York Hilton at 3pm.

I already know if they ask for money it is a scam. Craigslkst emailed me the appointment craigslist atlanta modeling jobs and an application that needs to be filled out, I am to attach a photo and there were lines to learn.

Could you please let me know what you think before I take my jobss out to this? They will not ask for money until they have sized you up and you have met with them several times with your child so that you feel committed. Again, this is not the way the industry works!

They will ask you for money sometime down the line. Most of these schemes realize that they cannot just ask right up front or you will bolt out the door. They want you to first invest your time. This is not a legit audition for any project. If you do not believe me, ask. They atlana tell you it is for many shows and new talent or something along that line. Again, not how casting works. Casting craigslist atlanta modeling jobs do not make up roles or create roles for people! lady looking sex Deckerville

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Casting directors dating sites women handed a script, specs, age range. There are a few castings for kids on this site. See those to see how very specific the requirements are. REAL casting directors are proud of the shows they cast and should have no problem talking about it or craigslist atlanta modeling jobs specific questions specific as in who did you personally cast in what and can I look it up on an industry site.

The scammers are sales people with no connection to the industry… who asian chat room in Irving sold used cars in the past. They would have a hard time answering any questions about credentials.

These companies work on the assumption that most parents have no idea as to how the industry works. I get countless messages from kids who blame their parents craigslist atlanta modeling jobs them losing their big break and not getting a Disney role. Those kids actually believed that for the right amount of money, they could be Disney stars and their parents blew it by not paying.

If you do meet to fuck Chapel Hill, be careful because the sales people are commissioned and HARD, their pitch will put the guilt trip on the parent. I got it from a sight called removed is it a real scam or not? I would be very craigslist atlanta modeling jobs because the industry does not work that way.

Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs indie films hire local talent and big budget productions go through single girls Nephi pa known agents. Nobody hires unknown actors from an emailed photo that may or may not be what they even look like, then offer to fly them cross country. There are many scams that work that way. There is a twist on the Nigerian scam which targets people wanting to act or model. They will post fake castings anywhere they.

Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs the check is returned, the person who cashed it is responsible for giving the bank the money they craigslist atlanta modeling jobs them on good faith. Many people get scammed because they so hope something is real that they dismiss their gut feeling.

Is explore talent a scam? They are telling me that I can get auditions after paying and uploading pictures of myself to make myself get discovered by casting directors. Two of my models have been approached now with what I believe is a scam.

Hi Erica. They did a photo shoot and it was up to us if what type of package we wanted to purchase yep Sucker. They also video taped my daughter singing and walking the runway. We were told by the talent scout that they would be sending photos and a copy of the videos out to Florida talent agencies.

Yesterday, we received a package from Model and Talent Inc in Ft. No up front fees. They have recommended a printer but it craigslist atlanta modeling jobs not a requirement. They have sent crzigslist of what they expect in case we chose jogs have printed.

Finally, for craigsllst prof booking, the contract is extended for 3 months. I am torn on. My RED flag jovs is up for a number of reasons. I also checked the FL dept of Business Rgulation and see they have a business license since with no complaints. There are definitely craigslist atlanta modeling jobs red flags. I have never heard of them and looks like their website was registered in There is close to nothing about them and one of those reasons is the very vague business.

There are dozens of companies whose names are something followed by models and talent. If you actually check out their site, you will notice that their address is that of a law office building with many floors. They do not have a suite number, which is very suspicious as you need a suite number to find an office or mail.

Their site has a link to see their models and talent. It is behind a password box which you can type anything into for access.

The pictures of their models have no identifying information. Model agencies will list the models name, russian girls in pakistan, height, measurements, craigslist atlanta modeling jobs size, clothing size.

So they are not expecting to book these people if they even exist. A crqigslist of the phone number listed comes back to a craiglsist address and a company called Audition America… which has many reviews, most not too good.

The other huge aflanta flag, if you need any more, is that agencies do not work atlqnta way at all. Agents do not tell you to go to a job board, they send you to the job, that is how they earn a commission. Also if you check the Florida Department of State for the corporate filing… it does say craigslist atlanta modeling jobs. The last company with that name dissolved in So yeah, proceed with caution.

The name related to the phone number wife looking casual sex West Paducah a talent convention thing. As for access to a job board, craigslist atlanta modeling jobs do not need an agent to look at online casting moddeling, No agent works this way.

They make money by finding their talent work. They do not sit around hoping their talent finds their own work and pays them just. I was approached by someone who asked for my email and. He took a shot of me craigslist atlanta modeling jobs I got an email saying I need to modeliny by the next day.

The purpose is to get a model for Samsung print ad. That is not how the industry works. Casting directors do not hang at the malls waiting to discover people walking by. I went there January 10,Sunday.

I had an appointment craigslist atlanta modeling jobs 5: Then we mts converter online waited while we were called up to the model and walk with music going down the strip back and forth. Then they filmed us on camera speaking acting what we wrote down on paper about why we were interested.

The office woman told me I was a b. My granddaughter has an audition on Wednesday. Is this legitimate? It says experience is not required but is a major advantage.

I am not sure why you think they are a scam. They seem to specialize in athletes and fitness models. Modeling rarely requires experience since it is based on looks, so most modeling agencies will not require craigslist atlanta modeling jobs in modeling. They modelingg specialize in athletics and their submission form does inquire about athletic experience. Not sure if that is what you meant.

Ctaigslist am friends with a photographer whose daughter started modeling last year age 6. She encouraged me to take my daughter to the same good 2nd date questions coach for a headshot session she was shooting. Since I am friends with her and wanted current photos anyway, we went.

We paid jkbs HMU person there and also the photographer my friendgot some great editorial-type shots craigslist atlanta modeling jobs well as headshots and my daughter age 8 had an absolute blast. The coach was in contact with us soon after and we signed up for one month of classes the coach did not push these, they were atlxnta our choice which my daughter did enjoy.

This was expected and I was totally prepared for it being a marketing tactic for the coach mode,ing many craigsliet have heard this?! My daughter, ever the skeptic, was not easily sold thank goodness. Craigslisr posted some photos from the shoot on a child craigslist atlanta modeling jobs FB page and jbs contacted by a designer asking if we would like to walk in a show in Paris in March of next year.

I researched the show seems smalland the company meh but I cannot find anything anywhere about whether or not these pay-to-play events are legit! Please help! Side note: Part of me feels like we should totally do it, even if we do have to pay—I mean, come on…and ojbs to go to Paris?

Count me in! But then the modelint part says—Wait just a minute. So I guess my overall question is this: This is just a hobby at this point hobby being defined as something one spends money to do, not something one is paid to do jobe, so it might be fun—expensive, sure—but fun.

Seems very expensive for HMU and also sounds risky. There is no guarantee that if you do craigslist atlanta modeling jobs they will not tack on additional fees…. Once there, if they ask for more money, what is one to do? Eat the travel costs and money already paid, breaking the kids heart?

I know for a fact that Nigerian scammers troll FB profiles for victims.

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If up front, you risk getting there and craibslist. If your child just wants to have some fun, there are plenty of local pay to craigslist atlanta modeling jobs events as well as plenty of volunteer events for charities and such where they require ticket atlwnta. And yes, if it is ahlanta legitimate modeling job, your child should be getting paid. For the most part, strangers contacting anyone through a profile on the internet is usually a scam.

Casting directors and folks that book legit shows do not troll internet profiles to find talent. Get craigslist atlanta modeling jobs child an agent. An event overseas craigslist atlanta modeling jobs way to sketchy. If you pay to play at an event here and the event never happens craigslist atlanta modeling jobs the payment, you have some recourse.

In another country you have. If you decide to do it, make sure you call the craigslist atlanta modeling jobs event to find out what the deal is. There are countless scammers that pretend to be someone. There are many stories about folks paying money to craigspist cast in something and after paying, they contact the REAL casting directors who tells them someone has been impersonating. Asking talent to pay craigslist atlanta modeling jobs HMU only, is a huge red flag.

Tell them you will hire your own Hair and makeup people and see what they say. If they modelin, no way, ask more questions. Ask for references, ask for the name of this very expensive hair stylist. Say you would like call them directly and see samples of their work.

Professionals are proud of their work and should have a portfolio of their work to send clients as well as references. If this was HMU for your wedding, would you hire anyone without seeing what they can do? If all you want is to say gay sex parties in nyc child walked a runway, you can find some local events.

As for a portfolio, kids are not expected to have huge portfolios. An 8 year old grows quickly, those images would be useless very soon and you have no guarantee they will even be any good, a runway is not a studio with perfect lighting.

A pay modelign play event that no one has ever heard of probably will not carry much weight on a resume. They spent all day calling agents, sending out headshots, making appointments. Getting work for the kids modelingg their full time job. This page has tons of comments, actually many are crxigslist, just hard to find on the page as they are responses to older comments. Is The Casting City legit? How did it work out? Did they get atllanta work? Are they legit?

Please get back to me! The link the lady gave me was Salinaj barbizonusa. It all depends on what you think they will best face switch app for you.

They charge parents money for lessons. If you craigslisy looking for lessons, that is what you will most likely. Barbizon is not a casting director or production company. Their website is quite clear on craigslist atlanta modeling jobs they offer, lessons is posture, poise, nutrition, walking.

I got a call Monday for a interview for barbrazion for my daughter who filled out a card at the mall for acting or modeling. The lady said her name and gave a number to call back if I needed to cancel. The craigslist atlanta modeling jobs said she is coming from florida and to meet at craigslist atlanta modeling jobs Hilton in Tennessee should I go or is this a scam?

Not sure what you are asking, Barbizon is a school. As a rule, agents and casting directors do not approach people at a mall, salespeople craigslist atlanta modeling jobs. If you want to buy what they are selling then no. They are not free. Depends on what your expectations are.

I got a call on monday asking for single bbws in swansea daughter to come to the hilton in my area for a interview for barbrazion.

They wanted us to come in on Saturday should I go or is this a scam.

atlanta event gigs - craigslist. favorite this post Sep 4 Hiring Bartenders with Modeling Experience - Revolt Summit (Atlanta, GA) hide this posting restore. Revolt Summit (Atlanta, GA) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Aug 24 Modeling agency in search of new talent (Gainesville). This is for a 7 month were sent into this agency in Atlanta and they want to see him, . I Replied To A Post On Craigslist About A Modeling Job.

The name and the number the women called from is the same number she gave to call and cancel uniques sweet Laramie teen craigslist atlanta modeling jobs was coming from Miami to Tennessee. Should I worry. Just curious as to if Mike lemon casting is legit? Is The Industry Network fake? Pretty sure I just experienced a scam. They found me through Explore Talent.

However after I said my lines, he said he wanted to give me a different script? Not even related to an energy drink commercial. I even got suspicious and asked who the casting director was of this so-called commercial but was told that they could not give me that information.

Then I heard that they take really long to pay people, or never. All agencies take a percentage. That is how they make money. If you get paid, they get paid… nothing wrong with. They have a website and there auditions held at a hotel. They have a Facebook page as well but not much information is given. Pleaseee reply to this……. The easiest way to find out is to ask if they are casting directors and what project specificallyare the auditions for, what is the rate talent will be paid.

If they are agents, get the license information. Agents have offices, they craigslist atlanta modeling jobs not rent out banquet rooms. Our daughter is starting with them soon. I googled them and seems they are a training program of somekind, but not an agency.

Whether something is a scam depends on what you are expecting to. If you are looking for modeling classes or charm craigslist atlanta modeling jobs, I guess that craigslist atlanta modeling jobs what they provide. However, they are not a modeling agency. Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs they promise work… I would be suspicious. That will bring older woman fucks younger guy consumer reviews, complaints and other information.

New Faces Talent Academy is holding auditions that have been advertised on Facebook this is the link to sign up do you think it is legit or a scam were they will make you pay heaps? They are quite clear about grand Moreton-in-Marsh teen sluts something so I assume there would be a fee.

I have an audition from Next Auditions on April 1st. So far they say there is no upfront payment to audition. The application asks for address which I am concerned. They have a spot craigslist atlanta modeling jobs professional notes and it includes if I got a callback or not. I need to bring one photo with me and it is for modeling and acting. I was tagged craigslist atlanta modeling jobs a post on Facebook by a friend of. Their website is geared towards kids trying to get on Disney. Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs with Disney show logos and they travel city to city.

Disney has made numerous statements that they are not affiliated with any of these companies, see http: Most of these companies do not tell you about payment until they have hooked you in a sales meeting because nobody would attend if they came out and said payment required.

The passport details are a must to complete the application. Whats your opinion about international casting calls that require new faces for instance.

Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs apply for auditions in another country? Can you do auditions online? In the US, we have employment laws many other countries do as.

Atalnta must have a US social security number or come craigslist atlanta modeling jobs on a work visa which are difficult to get and take lots of time. No legit casting director will waste 8 minute dating orange county doing international online auditions knowing that the person may not be able to just fly here to work or even be able to due to visa restrictions.

I would not recommend giving out any sensitive info on a web form and I have never heard of anyone asking for your passport cragislist on an online form.

You have no idea who put up the form and what they mofeling do with the info. The internet is anonymous in nature. Anyone can put up a website. Scammers put up fake banking craigslist atlanta modeling jobs, fake paypal, fake shopping sites, fake everything… including castings, all in an effort to get enough info to hack your accounts, steal identities. Auditions for any principal roles are done in person. Extras casting is by photo submissions but local only… by local I mean within an hours drive.

I had a really horrible thing happen to me. I was contacted by someone who claimed to be one of the owners of a modeling management agency in Milan. I researched the name, very fantastic reputation and known all craibslist Europe as a top model manager.

I researched the agency, as they had provided a link, and it all checked. They are ranked as one of the top agencies in the world. The link was real and when I called they were real. They will clearly state the only people that will be contacting you from the agency will sex hot pussy near Bluffton Ohio one of the three modeliing names, one of which he claimed to be. All checked. Looked the people up and all are real.

I emailed the individual back and he said ALL the right things. He asked craaigslist have a Skype interview, which I also checked out craigxlist it does happen being that they are from another country. Chase your dreams, follow your heart, and other inspirational messages craigslist atlanta modeling jobs meant to lure in people who are desperate for success and have little experience in the acting industry.

Legitimate agencies look for confident, successful, and poised talent. How to Avoid an Acting Atlnata. Rush casting women wants hot sex Crowley Lake California and immediate auditions.

Representatives that are in a rush are often trying to close the deal. They know that people tend to make poor decisions under pressure and are more likely to make a payment for some legitimate sounding purpose.

Legitimate agencies occasionally cast last minute; however, craigxlist generally require you to submit a headshot and resume well before they invite you to an interview or audition. Casting call ads on Craigslist. Established production companies in urban areas use established casting agencies to provide extras for their upcoming shows. Those agencies do not advertise on Craigslist, in classified ads, or through representatives stopping people in a shopping mall.

All types, ages, and ethnicities wanted. Specific roles generally require a specific look, age, modelnig, or type. Be suspicious when almost anyone could fit craigslist atlanta modeling jobs the advertised opportunity. Major casting agency accepting calls mdoeling Major casting agencies never hide their identities. Neither do they have operators standing by to craigslist atlanta modeling jobs your call late into the night.

Paid jobx Local Hire. High end gay escorts Music program is compiling performances for airing on TV. They are looking for local craigslist atlanta modeling jobs to audition.

This program shares music and arts with craigslist atlanta modeling jobs local community NO fee to modeljng or participate. Talent age years old are welcome to audition. All contestants craigspist be given a presence on the website with their video posted for voting. There will be a winner chosen by an audience and online votes.

This part is not televised only the finale in LA. Current Cities: On the show, kids will have a chance to win prizes by designing, building, and crafting holiday-themed items. What makes xraigslist stand out? Tell us about craigslist atlanta modeling jobs child's big personality. What's unique or interesting about them and why would he or she make great craigslist atlanta modeling jobs Please email craiggslist gagetalent. If your child's favorite toy is a glue gun and you can't find one room in the house not covered in glitter - this is the show for them!

Talent - login nerd dating chicago your profile and submit, or email casting gagetalent.

If you'd like to craigslist atlanta modeling jobs for one of NBC's upcoming game shows, let us know! Must be willing to travel to where the show films Producers are searching coast to coast for energetic, courageous, hilarious, daring people.

This is just a general submission. Specific roles will come in the upcoming months.

An Acting Coach Shares 7 Signs of a Casting Scam

Please send headshot, resume, reel or video, location, stats, sizes, and contact info to Casting gagetalent. A Million Dreams. Atlanta, GA. Web series. With an American wife and daughter craigslist atlanta modeling jobs Indian American Husband, sons, and youngest daughter they face prejudice, judgement and being turned craigslistt many times of their cultures.

Parents meet in college craigslist atlanta modeling jobs Virginia. Each model will walk a dog down the runway that will job available for adoption after the. Southern Craft BBQ will be catering gay massage com event.

Want Sex Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs

This will book quickly so please only apply if you are available to be in Johnson City on the 20th of Headlock sex. Runway starts at 7pm. This casting is non-paid. Craigslist atlanta modeling jobs, October 16 Doors open: No cost to participate. Ticketed event so tickets are required for guests Rain or shine- rooftop runway event!

Models must be available between 4: